Luc Guilemain

Luc Guilemain

Luc Guilemain

Sep 15, 2021 4:41:04 PM

“This cultivation floor does not only improve the quality of the plant but it is also very profitable for me. So we now no longer have any waste, while in the past we expected to discard 5-10% of the harvest.”

“What is noticeable is the particular quality of the crop produced by this floor. We no longer have trouble with root rot and the plant takes up precisely what it needs with the ebb and flow system. So they are bigger, finer and much more uniform. You can then harvest the whole crop in a short space of time and use the floor again. With a crop with a 4-week cycle, we can put down an extra crop every six months!”

“I am happy I opted for a closed system. It makes for enormous savings. With the old system only some 30 to 40% of your water and fertiliser will reach the plant. The rest disappears into the soil. We now have a closed system and nothing is lost. That means good savings!”