ErfGoed WaterSystem

ErfGoedFloor and ErfGoedWaterSystem, the integrated growing solution

Growing plants is all about the underlying surface and watering. The optimal balance between the two gives you the best results. ErfGoed knows this and so we deliver growing solutions that integrate both elements. The ErfGoedFloor and the ErfGoedWaterSystem are a seamless match. The result is optimal water management with pump capacity, filters, etc. being tailored precisely to the ErfGoedFloor.

ErfGoedWaterSystemWater technique

  • Complete installation of technical water areas
    • Water storage (silos and basins)
    • Pump units
    • Fertilizer boxes
  • Water disinfection
  • Irrigation
  • Control system with modern control technology


  • Plants get the right amount of water, at the right time, in the right place and with the right additives such as fertilisers and cleaning agents.
  • The ErfGoedWaterSystem delivers the best response to the irrigation needs of the plants by using sensors on and in the floor.
  • Reliability and continuity of this critical operational process
  • Tailor-made system (matching the specific client situation)
  • Clearest possible description of the total solution using 3D drawings
  • Double guarantee period
  • Monitoring functions for maintenance, etc.
  • Single partner for the entire cultivation system
  • A help desk for questions and advice

Water system in greenhouse