Sound knowledge of soil

For half a century, ErfGoed has had a sound knowledge of soil. Since our foundation, our company has grown to become the worldwide market leader in cultivation floors.

In 1958, Hans de Jong founded a contracting firm. He helped growers and market gardeners with hand pitching of their soil. Along the way, these tasks were taken over by machines.


In 1986, Hugo Paans began working at ErfGoed. Together with Alex de Jong (son of founder Hans de Jong), he took over the company in 1992. The name of the company changed to De Jong and Paans.

Vertically-drained cultivation floor

The company quickly began focusing on the installation of cultivation floors. During the installation of a tennis court, the idea for a vertically-drained cultivation floor was born. This was an enormous innovation in plant cultivation.


In 1997, the name of the company was changed to ErfGoed. This name demonstrates exactly what the company stands for: the people behind ErfGoed work carefully with the resources that have been gifted to us (explanation: erfgoed also means “heritage” in Dutch). We do so in a sustainable, reliable and unique way.

In recent years, ErfGoed has experienced significant growth and has led the way in developing and installing vertically-drained cultivation floors.