Greenhouse floor: ErfGoedFloor Excellent

The ErfGoedFloor Excellent, with its ebb and flow system, is a unique greenhouse floor with distinctive features:

  • Very even watering
  • Dry and clean floor
  • Ebb and flood system
  • Cooling function
  • Labour savings through automation
  • Division into compartments
  • Vigorous crops
  • Stable/strong/suitable for wheeled transport
  • Perfect for vegetable cultivation

This floor has specific and patented components that give it exceptional properties. The perforated ErfGoed supply and drainage pipe distributes water very evenly. In that way, all plants get the same amount of water simultaneously, resulting in a uniform crop.

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Vigorous crops

The highly effective draining system ensures that the floor surface is kept dry and clean after watering. All the water is drained away so that no puddles are left behind, preventing the spread of plant diseases. The ebb and flow system, together with the other components, ensures that plants develop strong and sturdy roots. That results in healthy and diverse plants, and it is also perfect for growing vegetables.


The ErfGoedFloor Excellent has an effective cooling function. The water supply in the floor reduces the temperature at root level. This feature can be used to control plant growth rates as required.
The smart combination of the triple layer on top of the floor provides an extremely stable floor, perfect distribution of water and ideal humidity. Plants clearly feel happy on this cultivation floor!

Care-free growing

The ErfGoedFloor makes work a pleasure. So this cultivation floor leads to major savings on labour costs. The specially developed valves make water delivery and drainage entirely automatic and eliminate malfunctions.
The ErfGoedFloor Excellent is easy to combine with other forms of automation such as trolleys, forklifts, conveyors, robots etc.


By contrast with other water distribution systems, you won’t need to take pot sizes and plant distances into account. The uniform watering system makes that possible. This means that plants can be positioned and spaced very efficiently, and that saves a lot of work.

Cost savings

The ErfGoedFloor Excellent is, like all ErfGoed cultivation floors, a completely closed system. Water and fertilisers are therefore captured and they can be reused, resulting in significant cost savings.
The same applies to energy consumption. The climate-control options afforded by ErfGoed’s cultivation floor generate major cost savings.
Uniform, vigorous and healthy plants grow on the ErfGoedFloor Excellent. The loss percentage is therefore minimal and plant uniformity saves a lot of selection work during harvesting. So you obtain more plants with less work: a direct increase in your yield!

Maximum growing area

The floor is divided into different compartments, allowing for the cultivation of different types of crop in different growth stages. We use thin aluminium profiles to create those compartments and maximise the net growth area without disrupting the climate. And that means higher numbers of quality plants per square metre!

Shorter lead time

Plant production on an ErfGoedFloor Excellent generally requires a shorter lead time. Plants grow faster on this floor than in other cultivation systems and so you can deliver more plants.


The ErfGoedFloor Excellent is a highly durable and future-proof growing solution. It maximises the return on your investment.

We will be happy to tell you how you can improve your crops with the ErfGoedVloer Excellent. Feel free to contact Jack Ford (for USA).

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