ErfGoedFloor: the best base for your indoor crops

With an ErfGoedFloor you’ll produce a vigorous, strong and uniform crop – because all plants receive the same amount of water for the same length of time. What’s more, the ErfGoedFloor is the most sustainable base for growing, in particular since water and fertilizer can be reused.

The ErfGoedFloor is the ideal base for every crop. The floor consists of a layer of porous stone that can be filled with water. As soon as the layer is full, the water rises everywhere simultaneously. Once the crop has absorbed sufficient water, the floor empties once again. See which materials can be used in the ErfGoedFloor.

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Healthy and uniform

With the ErfGoedFloor, you’ll create the perfect growing conditions for your crop. All plants are irrigated uniformly. This ensures a healthy and resilient crop with good root growth. The vertical drainage and the anti-condensation mat allow optimal climate control.

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Floor in greenhouseperfect plants on a floor

No damp roots

The absorption ability of the ErfGoedFloor is unique. After irrigation and after cooling the floor with water, the water disappears immediately. This means that the roots and pot don’t remain wet unnecessarily. What’s more, there is no risk of puddles forming.

Sustainable solution

The ErfGoedFloor is the most sustainable growing floor for your crop. A high-quality membrane prevents emissions to the subsoil. It’s not necessary to heat the floor in order to keep it dry, and you can reuse fertilizers.

not a concrete floor in greenhouseBetter plant with a good floor

For every crop

Thanks to the uniform growth and automation possibilities, you can harvest faster with the ErfGoedFloor. This allows optimal utilization of the cultivation floor. Not only that, but you can expand the floor with floor heating or make it suitable for driving on, etc.



Would you like to know more about the ErfGoedFloor? Please contact ErfGoed.