The strong cultivation floor for internal transport

A cultivation floor must not just ensure optimal growing; you’ll also want flexibility when it comes to internal transport. You can even drive a forklift across the ErfGoedFloor.



A lava floor that could be driven on: it seemed impossible. But ErfGoed proved several decades ago that it could be done. The solution: making use of various lava fractions.

The strongest floor

The ErfGoedFloor is the strongest cultivation floor. Problem-free use of the floor is possible in combination with internal transport such as:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Concrete U-channels
  • Trolley Tracks (rails for Danish Trolleys and CC trolleys)
  • Forklifts with wide tires

Lower costs

The thinner the floor, the less water is required. That saves a lot of energy. What’s more, a thin floor is quicker and simpler to fit. This also leads to considerable savings. The ErfGoedFloor is a unique, patented floor that guarantees optimal quality.
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