Xavier Froger

Xavier Froger

Xavier Froger

Sep 17, 2021 10:37:51 AM

“Under the old system we used drip irrigation. This is of course enormously labour intensive, both to set up and to harvest. With this new floor we can put down an additional crop every year compared with the old system!”

“Cyclamen are extremely sensitive plants, especially where humidity is concerned. Under our system we use de-humidifiers everywhere in the house to influence the climate, but that is no longer necessary at all with this floor. By watering from underneath you get a healthy atmosphere and an excellent growing climate. The result is that we have next to no disease and the crop thrives well and uniformly. So you can harvest everything in one go. This saves a lot of time and the floor is immediately available again.”

“I made contact with this firm through their French employee. He called on us and showed me everything and explained it. I can only say that I am very satisfied. They have excellent material and are well organized. If you have a problem afterwards, they’re on the spot within a week and immediately solve it for you!”