Peter Hill

Peter Hill

Peter Hill

Sep 17, 2021 9:15:55 AM

“The floor has an ebb and flow system and underfloor heating. Because lava is extremely expensive in Britain, we went in search with ErfGoed for an alternative that is available locally. Chalk proved to be the answer. However, ErfGoed doesn’t simply lay it down. It’s a firm that really knows what works and what doesn’t and is quite clear about it. So first it is tested and only then is it put into practice. It’s five years now and I am still very satisfied with it.”

“I am very satisfied with the service that the firm offers. Twice there was a problem with the floor. A problem ErfGoed was not responsible for. But they solved it and quickly. The first time they were working here in the area. The second time I rang them at the end of the afternoon and they were at the door at six in the morning the next day. That’s first-rate!”

“I am very happy with the closed system. It is not only important environmentally but also creates enormous savings where water and fertiliser are concerned. But what really surprises me is the filter effect of the floor. We have no root problems at all on this floor, while we need do nothing to keep the water clean. We clean the tanks just once a year.”

“A particular advantage of the ErfGoed cultivation floor is the flexibility the floor offers us. In Britain we supply the supermarkets direct and they ask for a broad range of products that have to meet various specifications. And that’s no problem on this floor.”