Kwekerij Maron opts for the ErfGoedFloor!

Kwekerij Maron opts for the ErfGoedFloor!

Kwekerij Maron opts for the ErfGoedFloor!

Sep 15, 2021 4:29:48 PM

The old glass house, with a growing area of 8,000 square metres, is to be demolished in July. It will be replaced by a brand new glass house with a growing area of 1 hectare, in which the ErfGoedFloor with ebb and flow system is fitted, plus under-floor heating.” Aron van der Burg is the owner of the Kwekerij Maron nursery in Pijnacker. “In 2016 I took over my parents’ company. Previously we grew cut roses, but as we couldn’t see a future in that any more, in 2009 we changed to growing standard roses and pot plants. These crops ensure that there is plenty of variety. And that makes the work attractive.”

The company’s growing land is around 2 hectares in size. “As far as we’re concerned, it’s not about the numbers, but about diversity and quality. Only the best plants are good enough.” For instance, the company grows the complete range of standard roses, but it doesn’t stop there: they are also available in all pot sizes. “That’s what makes us unique. Together with the pot plants we offer, that makes us an attractive partner in business terms.”The choice of growing system for the new glass house was easy to make. “At the moment, we grow our plants on a self-laid floor and on a concrete floor. Our crops can’t really be grown on concrete in summertime. Much too hot and much too dry. So we had to install a high-pressure vaporiser there. In the glass house that we’re soon going to be demolishing, we have a self-laid floor that has agricultural fabric and, on top of that, an irrigation mat. All the water that you provide has to be absorbed by those plants. Otherwise it just remains damp. In winter, in particular, and in early spring it can be like that for days on end. And, of course, that’s no good for the plants.”

So the nursery opted for a cultivation floor. And the choice went to ErfGoed. The decisive factor was the company’s professionalism. As far as the ErfGoedFloor is concerned, what Van der Burg appreciates most is the controlled irrigation. “The ebb and flow system means that the floor is dry straight after watering. Even in winter. In addition, you can create the perfect micro-climate for individual plants with water at floor-level. That’s going to be a pleasure to work with. And of course, a new glass house is a great calling card for my customers.”