Howard Braim; Better climate

Howard Braim; Better climate

Howard Braim; Better climate

Sep 15, 2021 2:28:40 PM

“We are extremely satisfied with ErfGoed. It’s a firm with plenty of experience in laying cultivation floors. In one of our other houses we worked with a local contractor. They have the materials but are not able to make a good smooth floor on a slope. Puddles remain all over. The ErfGoed floor on the other hand lies perfectly. It’s also important that their organisation is excellent, so that really all work is completed and handed over to schedule.”

“We have now been working a year with this ErfGoed floor. It’s interesting that we still have the old floor down in the other house and can therefore easily compare. With the new floor we have far less waste because it’s much easier to control the air humidity. Now when we water, the floor is dry again within half an hour.”

“Air humidity is extremely important when growing phalaenopsis. Too high or too low an air humidity ensures all kinds of diseases. This is a real problem in the old house. It needs a lot of heating to keep it under control, but even then we still have quite a bit of waste. In the new house, this is a thing of the past. The heating bill is some 10-15% down. It costs more to lay down this floor but you soon earn that back.”