Marco Rijstenbil: “ErfGoed has the same business philosophy”

Marco Rijstenbil: “ErfGoed has the same business philosophy”

Marco Rijstenbil: “ErfGoed has the same business philosophy”

Sep 15, 2021 4:48:05 PM

When the decision was taken at Rijk Zwaan in Fijnaart to install a cultivation floor, Marco Rijstenbil, manager of the open-field division, made a conscious choice for ErfGoed. “For us, the ErfGoedFloor is the most effective cultivation floor.”

Rijk Zwaan is active worldwide in the breeding of vegetable crops. The company has 2500 staff worldwide. The facility in Fijnaart was established in 2000.

Identical conditions

“In vegetable breeding, it’s essential that conditions are the same everywhere”, says manager Rijstenbil. “In this sector, the details are of paramount importance. If these are neglected, it’s impossible to draw conclusions from the research results. It’s also important that, for example, the lettuce cultivated in our cabrio greenhouse is suitable for subsequent open-field cultivation.”

Heat and cold

A concrete floor proved not to be ideal in many cases. Such a floor retains too much heat on warm days: the floor temperature hardly drops at all during the night. “This meant that the plants couldn’t harden off sufficiently. A lava floor cools down quicker.”

Irrigation water

Rijstenbil: “The irrigation water must be constant. Together with ErfGoed, we decided to install underground water storage. The water keeps the same temperature, does not become polluted and is of a consistent quality.”

White ground sheet

Rijk Zwaan chose a white ground sheet. “This provides a lot of reflection. The quality of the cultivated material is clearly improved by this.”

Choosing for ErfGoed

Rijstenbil is happy working together with ErfGoed, as he explains: “It’s a pleasant company to work with. Communication is good and they work neatly and according to the agreed plans. ErfGoed doesn’t just supply a product, but thinks most of all in terms of solutions. And that’s something that we can connect with.”


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