Dan Foster chooses for ErfGoed

Dan Foster chooses for ErfGoed

Dan Foster chooses for ErfGoed

Sep 9, 2021 4:57:54 PM

Dan Foster is Site manager / product line manager at Four Star Greenhouse, Carleton USA and has a history with the company for more than 20 years. Four Star Greenhouse produces young plants and finished crops for the North American market.  They are one of the founding members of the Proven Winners® brand and invest strongly in research and development.  The Proven Winners® brand was created to help gardeners at every level to succeed in growing healthy, beautiful plants that are tested for resistance to disease and insects, tolerance for heat and humidity, color, blooms, performance and appearance. Quality is the key theme at Four Star Greenhouse.

Cheaper and better

Dan Foster: ‘We have around 17 acres under cover and are very familiar with flood floors. Six months ago we installed our first ErfGoedFloor and it seems to be a very good choice. So far we were growing on concrete floors with the so called cascade system, but concrete is expensive and not flexible at all. Puddles and cracks are a big problem. I visited a number of colleagues in the Niagara region and could see with my own eyes the benefits of an ErfGoedFloor.  The time necessary to flood the floor is about 11-12 minutes in one cycle and compared to the traditional floors that is just as good. We said to ourselves, -why invest money in a concrete floor when the ErfGoedFloor is cheaper and in a number of areas even better-.

Track system

When it comes to logistics the concrete floor seems to have an advantage; you can go where you want to go without any problem, but Dan Foster is positive about the options of a track system on an ErfGoedFloor. ‘We will stick to the track and using that system is a pleasure. For cleaning the floor, ErfGoed offers a special cleaning machine that cleans the floor quick and adequate. We will buy one soon, because we like to be clean here’.

The ErfGoed people

Having the ErfGoed people on site for the installation was a pleasure. Dan Foster: ‘They were talkative, easy going people with all the necessary skills to do the job and even the people from the stores and restaurants in town were asking where they were when the work was finished. They kept the time schedule, although the weather was not always in our favor. Yes, I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues, no doubt at all, and we here at Four Star will start our next project with ErfGoed in September of this year’.