Bellard Crochet

Bellard Crochet

Bellard Crochet

Sep 9, 2021 10:49:15 AM

Family business Bellard Crochet of St Gemmes sur Loire decided to go for the ErfGoedFloor several years ago. Since then they have introduced this cultivation system over a wide area of their nursery.

Labour saving and smart use of space are important benefits in the view of Emmanuel Crochet. “We now use 100% of the glasshouse cultivation surface area, whereas before that figure was not more than 75%. The fact that we no longer need to use tricklers and the uniformity of the crop, which means we are able to harvest sooner, means an enormous saving in terms of labour costs.”

This year a new glass house, with a surface area of over 4.5 hectares entirely fitted with the ErfGoedFloor, is being built. And ErfGoed is also installing the water-distribution system.