The way to get a optimal climate in your greenhouse!

The way to get a optimal climate in your greenhouse!

The way to get a optimal climate in your greenhouse!

Oct 7, 2021 4:31:00 PM

Summertime. Temperatures are rising, it’s nice, but it can also be too hot. In that case we look for ways to cool down. Then we can keep going strong and stay vital. Right?

This is familiar language from human beings. If plants could speak, they would say the same thing. They are constantly searching for the right temperature. For an optimal growing environment. But how do you ensure an optimal constant temperature and correct humidity?

Have you ever considered keeping only the lower part of the greenhouse cool? After all, that’s where the plants are and that’s where the optimal climate is needed. Read this blog to learn more about how to accomplish this.

The survival mode of the plant

As a grower, you can optimize the growing environment. We know that. Many methods and techniques have been applied over the years. We often focus on creating cooling in the top half of the greenhouse. Growers traditionally rely on mechanical air movement with fans and vents to cool crops. Keep doing it!  But, the temperature and humidity still remain a challenge.

As the temperature rises, the relative humidity around the plants drops. To combat this the plants transpires water drying them out. This quickly uses the water in the plant and puts them in survival mode. This decrease the growth and quality of the plants.

Smart way to control microclimate in the greenhouse

My conviction is that we need to look closer to the ground. It is in the subsoil that we have to create the right temperature and keep it that way. Close to the active growth center of the plant: the roots, stems and leaves. Putting fans on the horizontal and vertical then?

Yes, but there is a solution that is even lower. The climate from the soil on which the plant sits. That is the most direct way and it is super effective too. Just ask our customers. They just turn on the climate function of the ErfGoedFloor. The results? A better microclimate. Happy plants! A beautiful, vital crop. Superior quality.

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Hugo Paans