Quality sells itself

Quality sells itself

Quality sells itself

Sep 9, 2021 4:22:29 PM

We conducted tests with the display life of geraniums a few years ago. We wanted to find out whether it is true that plants from our cultivation floor last longer than plants from other cultivation systems. The tests showed that they do. For growers, this is an extra reason to opt for the cultivation floor. The system proves time and again that plants grow very well on floors like this. And so they develop a strong root system.

What grower doesn’t like to hear afterwards that people are happy with his (or her) product? After all, that’s what you do it all for. Ultimately, it also means that the trader or garden centre will be more likely to knock on your door again in the future. Because satisfied customers are good for them, too. Nobody benefits when plants are lost.

I was reminded of that when I talked to a grower from another country recently. The man now has our ebb and flow floor in a large section of his centre. But he also works with a drip system in a small section. Putting aside the fact that this is very labour-intensive, he has seen for himself the difference in quality between the crops from the two cultivation systems. And so he has decided to grow all his plants on the ErfGoedFloor. “We lose too many plants with the drip system. When we put them on the cultivation floor for the last two weeks, a lot of plants recover and we send them out as class 1 products,” he told us recently. All the more reason for this grower to replace the drip system with the ErfGoedFloor system in the near future. “Our buyers are also happy with the quality and uniformity we deliver. And that means they keep on coming back”.

And I’m convinced he’s right. Knowledge and development have to be the top priority in business operations. Only then can you maintain a leading position and provide growers worldwide with the best cultivation system.

Hugo Paans