How do I ensure sufficient water buffering against extreme rainfall?

How do I ensure sufficient water buffering against extreme rainfall?

How do I ensure sufficient water buffering against extreme rainfall?

Sep 12, 2022 10:15:00 AM

Recently, I was at a foreign trade show. During my visit, the sky became increasingly threatening. Clearly, different weather was coming. Just as I was about to walk back to the car, a massive storm broke out. Within minutes there was flooding everywhere, and people were walking ankle-deep in water.

More extreme showers in the future

In the USA, too, the weather is becoming more extreme. Over the past 50-100 years, we have experienced more extreme showers. This is a direct result of climate change, according to the EPA. And if the experts are to be believed, it will become more rather than less in the future.. Read here more about the data. 

Threat to growers of outdoor crops

These extreme showers are a considerable challenge for growers who have their crops outside. How do you deal with the often sudden flooding? Can you get rid of that water quickly? You don't want to think that your plants will be ankle-deep in water for a while!

For (tree) growers who have their crop or part of it outside, flooding and water buffering are important issues. Can your crop withstand so much water in such a short time? And what will happen to your crop if it remains soaked in water for too long?

You probably understand and recognize that this will cause a lot of damage. Our French customer used to have 15% failure due to extreme rainfall, and thanks to proper drainage, now 0%. Not to mention the overall improvement in plant quality.

Water buffering

A solution to this problem is a porous layer of rock under the surface. The water can disappear into this and, if necessary, be temporarily retained. This can also affect the environmental impact as well. When the rain has subsided, the water can quietly drain away or be reused for irrigation. This depends on your water system.

Example of buffering capacity

During the construction of an ErfGoedVloer at Boomkwekerij Buitenhuis in Boskoop several years ago, we had to deal with an enormous downpour. In a short time, 100 mm of water fell! Although there was no crop on the cultivation area, it was once again clear how great the buffering capacity of such a cultivation floor is. Within no time, the water had disappeared.

Water is an essential issue for growers. It's not just about buffering water but also about the right quality. There are many opportunities in this area. Download our white paper to read more about this.

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Hugo Paans