Creating the Best Growing Condition in the Nursery: 4 Key Tips

Creating the Best Growing Condition in the Nursery: 4 Key Tips

Creating the Best Growing Condition in the Nursery: 4 Key Tips

Apr 17, 2024 10:27:17 AM

As a shrub or perennial grower, you can't control the outdoor climate. However, you can influence the microclimate around your plants, which is crucial for optimal growth. A consistent and ideal growing environment is essential for maintaining high-quality and uniform crops and ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Here are 4 essential tips.

1. Ensure a flat, even surface.

Uneven surfaces can lead to inconsistent moisture levels in pots. Pots in lower areas of the growing bed may stay wetter longer than those at higher points, affecting plant growth and uniformity. Choosing an ErfGoedFloor ensures an even surface. These floors are installed using special machines and laser techniques, guaranteeing a level surface. If the ground tends to sink, like with loamy soil, this is taken into account during installation. This prevents adverse effects on plant growth, as water can drain directly under the pots, creating optimal growth conditions.

2. Ensure good drainage.

Incorporate good water drainage and sufficient floor buffering capacity to prevent waterlogging, especially with increasingly extreme weather patterns causing heavy rainfall. Proper drainage prevents plants from standing in water too long, which in turn can lead to root problems.

3. Choose a floor with a stone layer that retains soil temperature.

During cold weather, the ground beneath the ErfGoedFloor tends to be warmer than the outside temperature. Opting for a floor with a stone layer that transfers heat from the ground to the pots, such as an ErfGoedFloor Premium, is advantageous, particularly in winter and spring. This helps prevent frost damage and keeps the floor cooler than the surroundings in summer, allowing plants to gradually warm up and sustain growth.

4. Choose a floor that retains water.

Particular floors, like an ErfGoed Excellent Floor, allow a layer of water to remain among the stones. This floor has a height adjustment for water drainage. Keeping water between the stones is beneficial in summer, providing cooling and higher humidity around the plants and aiding continuous growth. Plants can withstand until evening, allowing optimal watering with overhead irrigation.

Following these tips, you can create an optimal growing environment on your container field, ensuring healthy and thriving plants year-round.