White paper: Good water management,
the basis for successful cultivation!

Water is one of the most critical issues in the coming years, especially for growers. In recent years, we have been experiencing increasingly longer dry periods and violent storms dropping large volumes in short timeframes. This has an impact on water quantity and quality. How do we deal with this? What can we do? 

In this white paper, we discuss various aspects and questions that growers have to deal with. Teake Dijkstra from Delphy (a research company that has advised growers about cultivation for many years)
and experts from ErfGoed provide insights to help you further.

The subjects of this white paper are: 
-   How much water do you need?
-   How to storage water?
-   How to take care of the quality?
-   The white paper ends with 9 tips and tricks

Be prepared for the future with enough water for your plants and stay su

ccessful with your company!